Life lessons

I am a retired University Librarian and teacher for 45 years. I love teaching and being involved with people from everywhere, all ages and all races and ethnicities. I think it is why God allows me to continue to live. I am concerned about how our country is dealing with all Americans. I think I have some wisdom to share. I have been writing for years, but published very little. I love to read and write. I have been happily married for 46 years in June 2017 to the same guy. He is retired US Army. He is my hero. He is super tough and was an Airboirne ranger with more than 300 jumps from planes before he retired. We have two sons and two grandsons. I am the only female and when “Mama” is happy, everyone is happy. It just is that way. I am a survivor of domestic abuse in a previous marriage while in college and sexual abuse as a teenager, but with God’s help I have overcome both to some extent. I do sympathize and emphasize with other survivors.

I have traveled throughout the world, but I was born and raised in Kansas. It impacts my perspective of the world. I am African American and I see the world through my own “colored lenses” so try not to “go crazy” on my view, it differs from your worldview.  I am a college grad with a BS in Education and a Masters in Libray media. I will always be ABD because I never completed my dissertation.  I was educated in segregated school the first fives years of my schooling and then finished my secondary schools in mostly white classes. I was influenced by both my black and white teachers, they inspired me.  I graduated from two Historically black universities and I  chose to do this because I wanted to learn about my heritage and history.

Well so much for me, let’s blog.

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