A Christmas tale


Once upon a time there was a little red hen. She had to get ready for Christmas, so there was much to do on the day before Christmas. She had to make a Christmas casserole for breakfast, because it was a family tradition. “Who will help me ” she called to her husband and son, no one answered. She did it herself, so it would be done for Christmas morning. She decided to wash and dry a few  loads of clothes too. “Who will help me” she called and no one answered. So she did it herself, because she was a “badass” lady, who let nothing stop her.

Later, she cooked a ham, made a fruit cocktail salad and baked some cornbread too. She knew if she needed help, she needed to find a way to make it happen, so she called “blue skillet”cafe  to cook a turkey, make some dressing, cook some fried 🍎, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy.  The good thing about being a “badass” little red hen is knowing you can make it happen if you try. You have to if you live with bunch of turkeys. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the little  Red hens around the world who make it happen regardless of what they have to do. I do.

Moral of the story: be a badass

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