I remember my teachers who inspired me to be more, and I did.

I remember writing a paper on the inequalities African Americans faced in America in the fifties and sixties.  I documented all of my examples and wrote about what I had seen and experienced in my 15 years of life. Miss Hilda Smith gave me n “A” but her remarks she wrote ” have you read the history of the Jews” and I had not, so I did. It broadens my perspective of the world.  I learned we were not the only ones who faced discrimination. We were not the only ones who suffered.  I began to explore books about other groups who had faced insurmountable odds because of their  race or their religion, or their economic situation in life and when I did I felt nothing is impossible, if we work hard enough, so I did.

i stumbled and fell many times and gave up on myself, but I always got up and kept going. I met a guy who convinced Me I should get married after he “raped” me but I didn’t. I was confused and blamed myself, but I overcame it with my parent’s help. I kept going.  I met other teachers along the way, who told me I could do anything if I tried hard and studied so I did. My English teachers let me read anything I wanted. I read a book everyday for the longest time and it showed me I could do well.  My Latin teacher and my French teachers showed me I could learn languages. My fourth grade teacher, Miss Giles, took me with her to shop one day and it changed my life. I wanted to be like her and dress nice and smell nice and be a teacher. It would be 12 years later after graduating from college that I became a teacher, but the “seed” had been planted long ago by my teachers,  it just took awhile to grow. I planted more seeds for the next 45 years and I saw many blossom into teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, professors, librarians and engineers. It was the best gift in life, being a teacher.

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