I scare myself

I was really upset 😢 the day after the election and I still am to a certain extent. I think trump may get us all “blown to hell” by the Chinese. They will not play around with this idiot president elect.  I was scared to think about traveling and stopping for gas and eating in the South. I remember how it used to be when it was dangerous for African Americans travel anywhere.  I remember how it was scary to walk in a  restaurant, a theatre, a gas station, a convenience store, a shopping center because you never knew what you would encounter. I hated it all and I am never going back there either.

We made to Atlanta and Florida without encoutering anything other  than a really bad truck acccident that made us sit on the highway for an hour, not knowing what was happening ahead of us. No bigots, no racists, no trump supporters waving signs, although we did see signs on billboards, as we traveled, we kept going. My fears almost kept me in the land of freezing cold weather, snow, ice and sleet. I escaped thanks to my pain that got worse everyday, it propelled me forward to pack and make arrangements to leave. Unfortunately my mail must be paralyzed because it has not arrived yet, although I did all he usual stuff with the USPS online, in person, via the telephone to no avail.  Fear can stop everything. Kep moving and somebody forward my mail, please. Imagine how Muslims, Hispanics and any person feels who is not white?  I am reminded of how Anne Frank felt when Jews wer being targeted.  I pray we never allow this to happen in America, Land of the free, open to all a land founded by immigrants who wanted religious freedom.  Of course no one imagined trump would win this election either.  H got free airtime for a year, every crazy thing he said was  a headliner, so every idiot who had a grievance against anyone in an elected position came out yo vote for the ultimate outsider.  Be careful what you wish for. I am praying we survive this next four years as a country.




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