i meet lots of folks as I move through life so I know they are not always what they seem. I met a woman who seemed to be a Christian but I was suspicious because of what she did not do. I attended several of her events, but was never invited to go anywhere else with her, except her events. I never was invited to sit with her at events, but I was invited to help her make her events bigger and better. I invited myself to read to her mother who suffered from dementia. I was not invited to her mother’s celebrations. I noticed that from the beginning, but I kept on trying to be a friend.

I noticed when I was reading to her mom one day at the  nursing home, her father got up and left when I came. I also remember going to take my friend lunch in the hospital when her dad was sick, but I was never told his name. I thought I made a mistake but now I think it was intentional. I came to understand now why I never met her husband. I understand now why I heard negative remarks about Pres.Obama. I ignored most of it because I always give folks lots of chances to demonstrate who they really are. Once they show me, I am done with them. I now understand how Christians like this woman voted for a man like trump and now say, ” we have to come together and support our President” and I say exactly like Pres.Obama was supported. He was never respected and he had done nothing like trump did by putting down blacks, Hispanic, women, the disabled, and every one of us who disagreed with him.  He maybe President but he will not have my respect, nor will I forget what he has said about his fellow Americans.  I do not need friends who believe that trump is an example of what it means to be American. I pray he does not get us blown to hell in a nuclear war. I pray he will be impeached ASAP. I am “unfriending” this woman because she was never my friend anyway.  It may have something to do with the fact that I was born black. I am very proud of that too.

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