Watching the Senate confirmation hearing on Betsy DeVoss and thinking how in the hell do we find these arrogant “bastards” and why do we elect them?  They have nothing in common with the majority of Americans. They are rich white men, mostly who only care about their own lives and riches. Poor folks of any race are not thei concerns. The majority vote strictly along party lines and will never step outside those ones drawn by their party. They do not know hunger, poverty, homelessness, inability to have the means to support their families, never been discriminated against, always lived a life of privilege.   They use every technicality to have their own way with the issues. They are ” among the craziest” of all Americans.  They use Robert’s Rules of order to argue their own views.  I am beginning to hate the senate. Hatch was absent but voted by proxy for Betsy. It is not allowed but the Chairman decided to do it anyway. Betsy’s tax returns were never discussed by her and although she has investment in her charter schools that is not a problem.

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