“Thank you notes djt”

Dear djt,

thank you for bring out the best of people across the universe to resist your stupid, crap, of craziness, bigotry, racism, and insanity. Thank you djt for making me stay up all night on Facebook and WordPress to blog about you and talk to my fellow writers coming in and out of trump depression to write about you and curse about you and laugh about you too. Thank you djt for helping us laugh and talk with our mates about you all night and day, it makes us closer. Thanks djt for helping me get busy supporting ACLU, SPLC and other organization that will resist your ignorance and dictatorial abuse of power to hurt, humiliate and destroy anyone who is not white and rich like you and your cronies. Well you give me much to write and think about instead of losing my mind and checking myself into a mental institute. Thanks again for bringing all of your “resistors” together across the globe, we would never have met without you, thanks again djt. We all detest you equally, so hopefully you will feel this across all the miles and it will help you get “over yourself” and get some psychological


Your loyal and dedicated resistance members across the world


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