Where oh where are the Democrats?

i would just love to put out an APB (all points bulletin) on finding Democrats to start the impeachment process.  The GOP would having organized and already started by this time. Why do they have wait on the GOP to start investigating djt? I am disgusted with our elected Democratic leaders like Schumer, Warren, McCaskill, Pelosi, and others in congress. Rep Maxine Waters is out there fighting,  for all of us. We need to get organized and get the ball rolling yo impeach djt before he gets us all killed in a nuclear war with China.  What else does djt have to do to get us  organized enough to get investigation started?  He has committed treason by concorting with our enemies in Russia. Gen. Flynn did not decide to call the Rusdian Ambassador on his own, believe me. He got approval from sone higher like Bsnnon or djt. Neither one knows what the hell they are doing, about anything important. Now cutting out the “heart” of the Affordable care insurance. They also have used their prejudices and bigotry to keep out any religious groups, like Muslims, if the decided to do so, calling everyone of them terrorists. They are also blocking Hispanics or brown folks from entering America too. I guess this ok in America, because they are “making America great again” everyday.

I could. Really use a drink and a cigarette agáin too

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