“Moonlighting” won best picture last Sunday after an epic blunder. I switched channels as soon as I heard “LaLa land” had won best movie of 2017. It was wrong to make this annoucement and it was wrong for me to “switch” before the show ended, however I did not want to hear this again. A show about how Hollywoid would like to be perceived, but not the truth about Hollywood.  It was too much like “singing in the rain” and every other show about Hollywood. I am glad we were wrong this time.  This country has major issues with race and the experiences of those of us that are African American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American. We need to tell our stories to help everyone learn about how we live, how we think, what we have to endure, how we see “our” American experience. We do not necessarily have identical experiences but we need to tell our story to teach respect and tolerance for differences.  I have not seen “moonlighting” because I was afraid 😳 it would make me sad and I am sure it will because “homosexuality” is awkward for me to experience. I can’t “wrap” my mind around it. I am so sensitive to hurting folks, that I am scared that I might say or do something unintentionally to hurt them. I will go see the movie because I need to have a better understanding of their experience. It could be my child’s experience.

I think this is how many white people feel about people of other races. They are awkward about how they will feel, speak or do things around a person of another race. They do not want to hurt anyone, unintentionally with a word, deed or action. I believe if we share our stories, it will take away some of the fears.  I am a “storyteller” and I love to dramatize the lives of African American women in history, like Rosa Parks, Ida B.Wells, Harriet Tubman, Josephine Salome Yates and others. I love to teach tolerance, respect, and understanding with my stories. It works with senior citizens, high school students, grade school students and people of all ages. Sharing stories matters, regardless of what format you use. I am happy 😊 to do so even in retirement. It is a “labor of love” I do for God and country. Let me know how you feel?

One of my former students Dr.Jamere Brown wrote and published a book about God’s plans for our lives. I included that cover in my blog because it is important to me to do the best I can to make a difference. I have taught children from Preschool to college, do I included some pictures of children I tell stories and read to. I believe it is important to use my talents to the fullest. I have the opportunities to change lives, so I  do whenever I can. We have to learn about each other to understand each other. Sharing our stories matter. “Moonlighting ” won because it tells an important story that needs to be told and has never been told on film. Congrats to all who made this story come to America on screen. Behind every failure is a great story.


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