Letter to an awesome friend,

Dear friend,

I really love you, because you are  like me in many ways. You can be sad and gloomy and moody on some days. You can be very soothing and calm on other days, like me when I “trusting in God” and not going crazy because of something that happened.

I like you, Gulf when you are kind and calm and cool and collected. You are almost never as angry and wild as the Atlantic or Pacific. You are almost never as dark or dreary as the Atlantic or the Pacific. You are never as wild as they are either, well every hundred years you might become this big ugly hurricane companion and guide it on land to destroy everything and everybody, but mostly you are not that kind of friend.


I love how all your friends come to visit and feel better when they leave because you soothe the folks feel calm and cool and 😊. They  come from everywhere to lie in the sand and water next to you. They adore you. They buy stuff with you on it, like towels, cups, pictures, plates and stuff. I always loved you from afar because I could never get a job close enough to visit you everyday. I dreamed of being near you for 30 years and seven years ago, my dream came true. I live across the street from you and see you everyday. I am so glad dreams really do come true. Now whenever I feel gloomy, I just go look and listen to you and I feel better. Thanks for bring a friend over the years and never changing.  I hope you stay the same forever and “I must go down to the sea again”  like Edna St.Vincent Millay writes.


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