University of Kansas loss in the Elite Eight

I am a jayhawkers born in Kansas and a true sunflower girl, always proud of Kansas. Tonight after a wonderful season of playing awesome basketball we lost. I am sad and very disappointed but I know “the sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow” and we will survive. We are more than basketball. We are a place where you can see forever across the plains. We have always been a free state, and we fought to protect those who escaped slavery and ran to freedom in Kansas. We had the case of Brown vs Topeka BOE that eventually reached The Supreme Court and ruled segregation of schools illegal.

I support the University of Kansas because this school always admitted African Americans, unlike many other colleges in the country. I am proud to be a Kansan, regardless of how folks make fun of our flat state. I received a great education in Kansas, partially because I has some great teachers, both black and white. I remember many of my white teachers helping me get a job to go to college. I also remember our white friends standing with us on human rights and equality for all. That was very important to me as a black girl growing up in the sixties. I never felt as though I was not capable of doing well in school and I met so many like me later in life who never had a white teacher who cared

I had many who cared about me and black teachers who were my role models too. So even though we have to lose sometimes in Kansas, like now with a Govenor who has dismantled and destroyed much of our good education, we will survive and ” the sun will come out Tomorrow” and I hope Coach Self and all the guys on KU basketball team remember, they gave us lots of joy all year. We had two big guys and mostly freshmen on our team, but they played their hearts out. Good luck seniors and you have the heart to succeed in any field you decide to engage in. I am proud to be a Kansas jayhawker. It was not our season to go to the final four. We been there many times in the past and we will go again in the future. I will be cheering for KU always.

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