I am only a fan doing the finals of any sports. I watched the NCAA and cheer for my home state University of Kansas. I read everything and follow all reports. I love it until KU loses, than I become an expert on officiating and rules. That is how it goes until KU is out and I am through. You can stick a fork in it and I am “done” for the year. This year I watched the Warriors and liked Step Curry. I love him on and off the court. I have been watching and ” supporting” the warriors, well I am done with the NBA.

The warriors beat the  Cav religiously for three games. Now on game four the Cavs are ” killing” the warriors. Now how could that be? Cav win by 19 points. The wrestle, they box, they fight, they foul, they acts like great big kids. I used to believe the NBA finals were fixed, so I quit watching. The winning team always lost the fourth game, so the finals would be lengthened to seven games, winner wins four games out of seven.  After watching this fourth game, I am done, it is fixed. The more games they play, the “mo” money they all make.  I still love Steph Curry and Clay Thompson, but it is “fixed” to give everyone a chance to make more money.  I am no longer a fan of the NBA.  I am rocket woman “flying” on my own steam.

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